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The Woodland Residences by AMIS - Partners - GRID
The Woodland Residences by AMIS - Partners - WSA



At AMIS Properties, we believe in delivering unparalleled luxury to our clients, and our partnerships play a crucial role in achieving this vision. GRID Properties has been synonymous with supreme quality and unwavering integrity in the real estate landscape. As specialists in developing properties that set global standards as the benchmark, GRID Properties emphasizes meticulous planning, innovative design, and transformative placemaking.

Fueled by ambition and a passion for excellence, they make luxury the cornerstone of everything they undertake. Their commitment to bringing designs to life ensures that real estate transcends boundaries and becomes accessible to everyone.

Whitespace Architects is a dynamic and multicultural collective of architects, designers, builders, and thinkers. With a global footprint, they are actively engaged in developing a diverse array of projects spanning Europe and the Middle East. Their architectural philosophy is rooted in a meticulous analysis of how contemporary life continually evolves and transforms.

At the core of WSA's approach is a commitment to understanding and embracing the myriad influences that shape our society. This includes the impact of multicultural exchange, global economic flows, and cutting-edge communication technologies.

By partnering with White Space Architects, we at AMIS Properties align ourselves with a team that shares our dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence. Together, we are committed to shaping spaces that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate and adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics of modern life.



Cledor specializes in providing a hassle-free and seamless real estate development platform. Their primary focus is on empowering investors and landlords, enabling them to maximize their returns and unlock the true value of their land investments. Through cutting-edge solutions and a client-centric approach, Cledor has consistently demonstrated excellence in delivering results. With a commitment to managing the complete end-to-end cycle of real estate projects, Cledor ensures a comprehensive and efficient experience for its clients.

The company oversees the entire end-to-end cycle of the real estate project, ensuring a hassle-free experience for investors.



The Woodland Residences by AMIS - Partners - Cledor
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