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Neeraj Kumar Mishra, a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for transforming Dubai into a beacon of modernity and sophistication. With an illustrious career spanning 15 years in Dubai's real estate realm, Neeraj brings to the table a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise

With AMIS Properties, Mr. Neeraj is dedicated to crafting a real estate portfolio that redefines luxury living. The approach seamlessly integrates innovative design, top-tier amenities, and sought-after locations to surpass all expectations. From the very inception of AMIS, luxury and comfort have been the guiding principles. The vision is to go beyond the ordinary, working with renowned architects and designers to create sophistication.


Karim commenced his real estate career in 2010 in Egypt, amassing a wealth of experience and expertise over the years. In 2018, he transitioned to the vibrant Dubai real estate market, where he has since made substantial contributions. His distinguished tenure at Emaar, spanning from 2018 to 2023, underscores his commitment and exceptional skills in the industry.

He is passionately dedicated to driving the expansion of Dubai's burgeoning real estate market. With a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities and a strategic approach to sales, he aims to contribute to Dubai's reputation as a global real estate hub. His innovative strategies and deep understanding of market dynamics enable him to forge lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders, fostering trust and ensuring sustained growth.


Hari brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our executive team. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the financial strategies and policies that drive our company’s growth and stability.

Mr. Modi has a robust understanding of both domestic and international markets, with proficiency that has been instrumental in optimizing our performance. He is committed to driving sustainable growth with commendable strategic foresight and analytical acumen. His leadership in financial reporting, budgeting, and investment analysis has solidified our position as a key player in the competitive real estate market. Outside of professional endeavors, he is an avid supporter of financial literacy and education. His dedication to excellence and his forward-thinking approach make him an invaluable asset to Amis Properties and the wider industry.



Ronak with more than 20 years of experience across three geographies; Asia, ME & Africa; in Development management, Project Management, Commercial, Financing, Business Development & Strategy for major infrastructure and real estate companies, we are proud to have him heading our real estate development.

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